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  S.B.S.  ( Shuffle Boogie Soul ) D Ira Weisburd Honky Tonk / Preston Shannon
S.V. Dancing D / I Sébastien Vallée Hit & Run / Peter Myles
S.W.D.B. D / I Sébastien Émond Save Water, Drink Beer / Chris Young
S And J Flame D / I Suzie Hébert et Julie Morissette Old Flame / Johnny Reid
  Saddle Up And Ride D / I Jo Thompson Saddle Up / Rick Tippe
  Saddle Up Mad Cowboy D / I Gail Smith & Cheryl Hutchinson Saddle Up Shawty / Mikel Knight
  Saddle Up Shawty I Guyton Mundy Saddle Up Shawty (Club Mix) / Mikel Knight
  Sadie's Dress D / I Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris  Sadie's Got A New Dress / Lee Matthew
  Sad Story D / I Jef Camps & Daisy Simons Not Ready To Make Nice / The Dixie Chicks
  Safe And Sound D / I Marco Driemel Safe And Sound / Capital Cities
  Sag, Drag & Fall D Frank Trace Sag, Drag, & Fall / Sid King & The Five Strings
  Sail Away I Audrey Watson Sail Away / Status Quo 
  Sailor Dance D Gudrun Schneider Sailor Dance / Banaroo
  Sailor Shuffle D Inconnu For The Money / Charlie M ajor
  Sailor's Dream D Hank & Mary Dahl  The Dance / Garth Brooks
  Salga El Sol D / I Romain Brasme Hasta Que Salga El Sol / Don Omar
  Saloon Scissors Stomp D Silke C. Henke  I Love You Cause I Want To / Carlene Carter
  Salsaria I / A Max Perry Como Me Duele Perderte / Gloria Estefan
  Sambalero  ( a.k.a. Dancing Heart ) D Ira Weisburd Mueve / Orchestra Bagutti
  Sambamania D / I Joenan Sambalero (Dance Edit) / Mueve Orchestra Bagutti
  Same Old Town D / I dj Dan & Winnie It's All Over Now / Adam Harvey & Shannon Noll
  Same Thing Happened To Me D / I Diana Dawson Same Thing Happened To Me / John Prine 
  Samira I Kate Sala & Robbie McGowan Hickie Samira / Allexinno & Starchild 
Sammy Dance D Linda Sansoucy Good Bye Eyes / Sammy Johns
  Sapphire Tango I Dougie D Blue Tango / Amanda Lear 
  Satellite D / I Özgür “Oscar” & Mürüvvet TAKAÇ Satellite / Lena Meyer-Landrut
  Satisfy My Soul D / I Daisy Simons Satisfy My Soul / Paul Carrack
Saturday Night D / I Mario Champagne Texas Saturday Night / The Woolpackers
Saturday Night D / I Daniel Auger Dancing On A Saturday Night / The Deans
Saturdy Night D / I Denis Henley Nobody’s Sad On A Saturday Night / Uncle Kracker
  Savannah Slim D / I Debby Wilcox & Jill Baker Everybody Needs A Hero / Gene Watson
Save A Horse I Guy Dubé & Édith Bourgault Save A Horse Ride A...  / Big & Rich
  Save The Day I Karl-Harry Winson  One Call Away / Charlie Puth
Save The Last Dance For Me D / I Pierre Provencher Save The Last Dance.... / Dolly Parton
  Savoy Shuffle D Larry Bass Darlene / T. Graham Brown
Sawdust On Her Halo I A. M. Villeneuve & R. Léonard Sawdust On Her Halo / Tracy Lawrence
  Saxobeat I Garry Stubbs & George Archer Mr SaxoBeat / Alexandra Stan
  Say Geronimo I Ria Vos Geronimo / Sheppard
  Say Hey I Teresa Lawrence & Vera Fisher Hit Me Up  /  Gia Farrell 
  Say Hey Love I Bracken Ellis Potter Say Hey (I Love You)  / C. Anderson / M. Franti
Say No D / I Guylaine Gagné I'm Not Strong Enough To Say No / Blackhawk
  Say What ? D / I Alan Renegade Livett I Say, You Say / Rick Tippe
  Say Yes I Tracy Brown Yes! / Chad Brock
  Say You Do D / I Robbie McGowan Hickie Morning Moon & Night / Ryan Shaw
  SBMB D / I Sally Blair Mercury Blues / Alan Jackson 
  Scooter's Shuffle D / I Joanne Brady  No Option Here / Scooter Lee
  Scotia Samba I Liz & Bev Clarke  Dance The Night Away / The Mavericks 
  Scotia Shuffle Contra Durline Melanson Who's Cheatin' Who / Alan Jackson
  Scotland D / I Bruno Morel Scotland / Charlie McCoy
  Scrap It I Kathy K Scrap Piece Of Paper / Paul Brandt
Sea Cruise D / I Bobby Houle Sea Cruise / Dion
  Sea Salt Sally I Kate Sala Sea Salt Sally / Rick Guard
  Sea You Again I Dan Albro See You Again / Carrie Underwood
  Seacruise D Yvonne Kraus Schenk Seacruise / Scooter Lee
  Second Hand Heart I Maggie Gallagher Second Hand Heart / Ben Haenow &.Kelly Clarkson
  Second Hand Tequila D / I Francien Sittrop Second Hand Tequila / Jimmy Melton
  Secret Rendezvous D / I D.J. Dan & Wynette Miller San Jose / The Mavericks
  Seduced D Ira Weisburd I Want To Be Seduced / Rob Rio
  See If I Care D / I Ed Lawton See If I Care / Gary Allan
  See Rock City D / I Marie Sørensen See rock City / The Kentucky Headhunters
  See The Rain D / I Pete Harkness Have You Ever Se... / Credence Clearwater
  See You Smile D Susanne Mose Nielsen Just To See You Smile / Tim McGraw 
  Seein' Double D / I Steve & Denise Bisson Feelin’ Single, Seein’ Double / Ann Tayler
  Seein' Red D / I Claude Martin Seein' Reed / Dustin Lynch
  Send Me A Letter Amanda D Marie Sørensen Send Me A Letter Amanda / Hallur & The Bellamy Brothers
  Send Me Home D Adrian Helliker  & Lorna Mursell Proof of Posting / Mike Lane
Señor D / I Denis Henley Señor ( Country Dance Remix ) / Tim O’Brien
  Senorita I Tracie Lee Senorita Margarita / Tim McGraw
  Senorita D Craig Bennett  Senorita / Alex swings & Oscar Sings
  Senorita Margarita D / I Karen Hunn  Senorita Margarita / Tim McGraw 
  Set Fire To The Rain D / I Bob Francis Set Fire To The Rain / Adele
  Settin' The Woods On Fire D Inconnu Settin' The Woods On Fire  / The Tractors
  Settlin' D / I Junior Willis Settlin / Sugarland
  Sex, Love And Texas D / I Jose Miguel Belloque Vane, Wil Bos, Roy Verdonk Sex, Love & Texas / Skinners
  Sex On The Beach D Tom Clarke Sex On The Beach / T Bones
  Sexy Lover D / I Bastiaan van Leeuwen Sexy Sexy Lover / Modern Talking
  Sexy Naughty  Me A Maggie Gallagher Sexy, Naughty, Bitchy Me / Lene Alexandra
  Sexy Stir Fry I G.  Mundy & C. J. Spicer Memphis Women & C... / T. G. Brown
Sexy Thing D Marc Labrosse et Virginia Derit  You Sexy Thing  / Hot Chocolate
  Sexy Tractor D / I Bob Bonett She Thinks My Tra... / Kenny Chesney
  Sha-La-Lie D / I Ross Brown Ik Ben Verliefd (Sha-La-Lie) / Sieneke
  Shakatak I Kickin'Kate Sala Ciega Sordomuda / Shakira
  Shake Baby Shake I Connie van den Bos Whole Lot Of Shakin' Medley / The Deans
  Shake It A Séverine Fillion Country Girl (Shake It For Me) / Luke Bryan
  Shake It All Night I Iliane Raiza van der Graaf Girls Love To Shake It / Love And Theft
Shake It Off D / I Nicolas Lachance Shake It Off / Taylor Swiff
  Shake It Off Easy D Joey Prieur Shake It Off / Taylor Swift
  Shake, Rattle & Roll D / I Kim Swan Shake, Rattle &.. / B. Haley & The Comets
  Shake That Thing I Dan Albro Shake That Thing / Gwyneth Paltrow
  Shake That Thing Miss Miss I Juhlin, Mikkstrom, Wahlstrom Get Ripassa / Sean Paul  & Gigi D'agostino
  Shake The Room ! I Craig Bennett & Karl-Harry Winson Shake the Room / Gamu
  Shake Your Boogie D / I DJ Dan Shake Your Boogie And Roll / Pete Stothard
  Shakey Ground I Robert C. Weaver Shaky Ground / T Graham Brown
  Shakin' Mix D Yvonne van Baalen Hitmix / Shakin' Stevens
  Shakin' That Sugar D Lisa M. Johns-Grose Gotta Get Me One Of Them / Soul Circus Cowboys
  Shalala D / I Dynamite Dot  Shalala Lala / The Vengaboys
  Shame & Scandal In The Family D / I Rep Ghazali Shame & Scandal / Dr Victor & The Rasta Rebels
  Shame On Me D / I John Warnars Shame on Me / Roly Daniels & Dee Reilly
  Shame On Me D / I Rachael McEnaney Shame On Me / Ken Mellons
  Shamrock Soup I Maggie Gallagher Medley / Sham Rock
  Shanghai Surprise I J. Thompson Szymanski, R. McEnaney Jumpin The Jetty / Coastline
  Shania's Moment I Nathan Easey  From This Moment On / Shania Twain 
  Shania's Shoes I Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs Shoes / Shania Twain
Shape Of You I Guy Dubé & Serge Légaré Shape Of You / Ed Sheeran
  She Ain't You D / I Harland Curtis She Ain’t You / Con Hunley  
  She Bangs I Hillbilly Rick She Bangs / Ricky Martin
She Cranks My Tractor I Marcel Massé She Cranks My Tractor / Dustin Lynch
  She Does I Marianne Langagne Yeah She Does / Rodney Atkins
She Keeps Me Up D / I Josée Rotella She Keeps Me Up / Nickelback
  She Said Yes D / I Gaëtan Favreau Yes / Chad Brock
  She Taught Me To Yodel D / I John Warnars She Taught Me To Yodel / Kenny Archer
  She Thinks I Still Care D Tonnie Vos She Thinks I Still Care / Merle Haggard
  She Wants To Rock I Tonya Coon She Want's To Rock / The Warren Brothers
She Was Dynamite I Mariette & Jean-Marc Villeneuve  She Was Dynamite  /  Jack Jersey
  She Wears My Ring D / I Marie Sørensen She Wears My Ring / Bouke
  She Wolf I Jo & John Kinser & Mark Furnell  She Wolf / Shakira
  Sheridan D / I Jean-Claude & Yveline Cherpion I Wish That I Can Fall In Love Today / Blaine Larsen
  Sherry's Slide D Bob & Marlene Peyre-Ferry You In A Song / Sherry Lynn
  She's A Firecracker ! D Sylvia Shell Firecracker / Josh Turner
She's Country D Guy Dubé She's Country / Jason Aldean
  She's Kind I Wil Bos She's Kind / Pat James
  She's Mine D / I Rob McKean First Love / Alan Jackson 
She's Not You D Ainsi-Danse She’s Not You / John Dean
  She's So Hot D / I Pedro Machado & Tom Mickers She's So Hot / The Dean Brothers
  She's Walkin' On Me D Sebastiaan Holtland Walkin' On Me ( He Man Remix ) / Big House
  She's Walking Away D / I Marie Sørensen As She`s Walking Away / Alan Jackson & Zac Brown Band
  She's World's Greatest Lover I Peth Colida World's Greatest Lover / Bellamy Brothers
  Shime Shime Shime D / I Inconnu Shime-Shime Shime / Jim Yoemans
  Shimmy Shimmy D Judy Smith Every Little Thing / Carlene Carter
  Shine I Dan Albro Shine / Matt Stillwell
  Shine D / I Phillis Manier Shine / Matt Stillwell
  Shine On D / I Anne Harris & Steve Yoxall  Shine On / Jeff Carson 
  Shinin' Lady Luck D Pat Esper Lady Luck / Moonshine Bandits
  Shirley's Apartment D / I Rep Ghazali-Meaney Apartment / Dame Shirley Bassey
  Shirley's Shake D Marie Sørensen Country Girl (Shake It For Me) / Luke Bryan
  Shiv A Ree I / A Maggie Gallagher Goodnight Moon / Shivaree
  Sho'Nuf I Jamie Marshall Sho' Enough / Tommy Castro
  Shooga D / I Kelli Haugen Sugar-Sugar ( In My Life )  /  John Fogerty
  Shoop Shoop D Jo Thompson  The Shoop Shoop ( It's In His Kiss )  / Cher 
Shooting From The Hip I Michelle Chandonnet Shooting From The Hip / Barry Upton
  Short But Sweet I Heather Frye What's It To You / Clay Walker
  Shoe Shine Boy D / I Ozgur "Oscar" TAKAÇ Chattanooga Shoe Shine Boy / Red Foley
  Shotgun D / I Pat Stott & Roz Chaplin Shotgun / Sheryl Crow
  Shotgun House D / I Adriano Castagnoli Shane Worley /Shotgun House
  Shotgun Rider I Iliane Raiza Van Der Graaf Shotgun Rider/ Tim McGraw
  Shot Gun Rider D Sheila Allen Shot Gun Rider / Tim McGraw
Shot Of Glory D / I Claude Martin Shot Of Glory / The Washboard Union
Shot Of Glory D / I David Robert Shot Of Glory / The Washboard Union
Shot Of Glory D / I Serge Légaré Shot Of Glory / The Washboard Union
  Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda I Shelli Blake Honky Tonk Side.../ Randy Travis
  Shoulda Run I Cindi Talbot Why Me / Delbert McClinton
  Shove It D / I Roy Verdonk  & Miquel Menendez Shove It / Audrey Auld
Show Me D / I Guy Dubé & Richard Boutet Show Me / Barbados
  Show Me Wot U Got I Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris Cowboy Up (Radio Edit) / Jill Johnson
  Show Me Yours I Maggie Gallagher Show Me Yours /  Rick Guard
  Showaddywaddy D Marie Sørensen Under The Moon Of Love / Showaddywaddy
  Showstopper I Scott Blevins & Jo Thompson Szymanski  Showstopper / Brandon & Leah
  Shufflin' About D / I Rosie Multari  I Am That Man / Brooks & Dunn
Shut Up And Dance D / I Nicolas Lachance Shut Up And Dance / Walk The Moon
  Side By Side I Patricia E. Stott We Work It Out  / Joni Harms
Sideways I Nathalie Pelletier  Feel That Fire / Dierks Bentley
  Signed, Sealed, Delivered D / I Tom Mickers Signed, Sealed, Delivered.. / Blue & Stevie Wonder
Sigo A Qui D Richard Boutet & Mario Boutet Y Yo Sigo Aqui / Paulina Rubio
Silver Cowboy D / I Christianne & Richard Maisonneuve Silver Cowboy / Marie Haslemore
  Silver Fox Shuffle D / I Allan Wright  I Don't Even Know Your Name / The Mavericks
  Silver Lining D / I Maggie Gallagher Silver Lining / Kacey Musgraves
  Silver Steppers D Marie Sørensen Silver Threads and Golden Needles / Parton, Lynn & Wynette
  Silverado Shake I Larry Bass Farm Boy / Brady Seals
  Simple Pleasures D Dan Albro My Old Friend / Tim McGraw
  Simply Cha Cha D Barry Durand When The.. / K. Chesney & Uncle Kracker 
  Simply Mambo D Val Myers & Deana Randle  Tequila / The Champs
  Simply Sixteen D Phyllis Manier Don't Drink The Water / Brad Paisley & Blake Shelton
  Sin City Swing D / I Gary Lafferty Viva Las Vegas (Radio Edit) / She Is The King
Sin Comin'On I / A Michelle Chandonnet I Feel Sin Comin'On / Jason McCoy
  Sinatra & Chardonnay D / I Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick That Look / Aaron Watson
Sing About Good Time D / I Stéphane Cormier Good Time / Cassadee Pope
  Sing Along D Hot Peppers Sing Along / Rodney Atkins
  Sing Sing Sing D / I Simon Ward Sing (Tell The Blues So Long) / David Campbell
  Singalong Song D / I Ira Weisburd. & Marie Sørensen Sing Along My Song / Tim Tim
  Singing The Song D / I Pim Humphrey This Is The Life / Amy MacDonald
  Single Girl Swag I Rep Ghazali Goodbye / Kristina Debarge
  Single White Female I Anita Ludlow  Single White Female / Chely Wright 
  Sinner D / I Roy Hadisubroto & Roy Verdonk Sinners / Andy Grammer
  Sister Kate I Ria Vos Sister Kate / The Ditty Bops
Six - 5000 D / I Micheline Tremblay Pennsylvania 6... / Brian S. Orchestra
  Six Pack Summer I Dan Albro Six Pack Summer / Phil Vassar 
  Skiff-A-Billy Line Dance D Basiaan van Leeuwen Skiff-A-Billy Line Dance / Johnny Earle
  Skiffle Time I Darren Bailey Mama Don't Allow / The Jive Aces
  Skip The Line D / I Kate Sala Skip The Line / Sugar & The Hi Lows
  Skippers Daughter D / I Louise Elfvengren  Drunken Sailor / Denis Sosson & The Irish Beer Band
  Skippin' D Jan Willie & Hervey Bay My Heart Skips A Beat /  Dwight Yoakam
  Sky Bumpus D Linda De Ford Life's Dance / John Michael Montgomery
  Sky Loves Blue D Audrey Watson More & More &.../ Bellamy Brothers
  Slap, Stomp, & Roll D Jamie D. Davis From This Moment on / Shania Twain
  Slapping Leather D Gayle Brandon Tulsa Time / Don Williams
  Sleazy Slide D Inconnu Super Love / Exile
  Slippery D / I Tripple xXx Funny How Time Slips.. / L. Lovett & A. Green
  Slippin' And Slidin' D / I Jesús Moreno Vera & Mª Angeles Mateu Simon  Slippin' And Slidin' / Shakin' Stevens
Slow Down D Guylaine Bourdages Slow Down / Douwe Bob
  Small Stuff D / I Vivienne Scott & Fred Buckley Don't Sweat The Small Stuff / Sean Hogan
  Smile I Bruno Moggia Fiona / Sean Patrick McGraw
  Smiling In The Morning D / I Francien Sittrop Smilin’ In The Morning / David Ball
  Smokey Bar I Bruno Moggia I Only Miss Her When It Rains / Mario Flores
  Smokey Places D / I Michèle Perron Smokey Places / Ronnie McDowell
  Smokin' I Judy McDonald First Thing Smokin / Dwight Yoakam
  Smokin' Drinkin' Dancin' D / I Diana Dawson Smokin' Drinkin' Dancin' Again / Heather Myles
  Smooth Criminal I Barry Porter & Paul Hulatt Must've Had A Ball / Alan Jackson
  Smooth Operator I Peter Metelnick I Wanna Be Your Man / Keith Urban
  Snapshot I Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick Photograph ( Felix Jaehn Remix ) / Ed Sheeran
  Snap Your Fingers I / A Rachael McEnaney Snap Your Fingers / Ronnie Milsap
  Snaps & Kick D Gabrielle Jardon King Of The Road / Roger Miller
  Sofia I Francien Sittrop  Sofia /Alvaro Soler
So Fine D / I Bobby Houle So Fine / Sean Paul
  So Fresh I / A Joey Warren Fresh / Shawn Desman
  So Glad You're Mine D Rosalee Musgrave So Glad You’re Mine / Elvis Presley
  So Glamorous I Francien Sittrop Glamorous / Natalia
  So Just Dance Dance Dance! D / I José miguel Belloque Vane & Guillaume Richard Can't Stop The Feeling / Justin Timberlake
Soldier D / I Stéphane Cormier Soldier / High Valley
  So Long I Judy McDonald Why’s It Feel So Long / Keith Urban
  So Long I'm Gone D D.J. Dan & Wynette Miller I'm Gone / Catherine Britt 
  So Mooi D Guenther Wodlei Baie Baie / George Longane
  So Sexxy I John H. Robinson You're So Sexy / Marlee Scott
  Solamente D Inconnu You Belong To My Heart / Don Mellow
  Solar Power I Gaye Teather Working On A Tan / Brad Paisley
  Some Beach D / I H. Born & N. Lindlay Some Beach / Blake Shelton
Some Beach D / I A. M. Villeneuve & Red Leonard Some Beach / Blake Shelton
  Some Day D William Beeman Rock Bottom / Wynonna
  Some Days You Gotta Dance D / I Michael Schmidt   Some Days You Gotta Dance / Keith Urban
  Some Girls D Steve Mason Some Girls / The Deans Brothers
  Some Girls Will D / I Vikki Morris Some Girls Will, Some Girls Won't / Mike Denver
Some Kind Of Wonderful I Guy Dubé & Stéphane Cormier Some Kind Of Wonderful / Huey Lewis & The News
  Some Nights I Maggie Gallagher Some Nights / Fun
  Somebody Like You I / A Alan G. Birchall  Somebody Like You / Keith Urban
  Someone Else D D.J. Dan & Wynette Miller Someone Had To Teach You / Wade Hayes
Someone Else D / I Christianne & Richard Maisonneuve Someone Had To Teach You / Wade Hayes
  Someone Like You D / I Marie Sørensen How Could I Love Her So Much / Nathan Carter
  Somethin' Bad I Thierry Willemin Something Bad / Miranda Lambert & Carrie Underwood
Somethin' Bad D / I Manon Shank Somethin' Bad / Miranda Lambert & Carrie Underwood
Somethin' Bout A Truck D / I Gerry Gagné Somethin’’Bout A Truck /  Kip Moore
  Somethin' Like Somethin' D / I Randy Pelletier Somethin’ Like Somethin’ / Dakota Bradley
Something D Sylvie Roy Something Like That / Tim McGraw
  Something D DJ Dan & Wynette Miller I'll Give You Something.... / George Jones 
  Something Crazy A Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris Let's Do Something Crazy / Ashanti feat' Flo Rida
  Something Easy D / I Bill Bader If You Love Somebody / Kevin Sharp
  Something Else I Leeuwen & Stakkestad What Else Could Go Right / Sonny Burgess
  Something In The Water D Niels B. Poulsen Something In The Water / Brooke Fraser
  Something So Right D / I Emily Drinkall Why Not Tonight /  Neal McCoy
Something Stupid D Bobby Houle Something Stupid / Mavericks & T. Yearwood
  Something To Talk I Brigitte Zerah Something To Talk About / Bonnie Raitt
  Something You Can't Buy D / I dj Dan & Winnie Something You Can’t Buy / James Intveld
  Something's Afoot I Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick It Don't Get Better Than.. / Rodney Crowell
  Something's Gotta Give I Robbie Halvorson Something's Gotta Give / LeAnn Rimes
  Sometime When I Jackie Snyder Sometimes When We Touch / Newton
  Somewhere In My Car I Rachael McEnaney Somewhere In My Car / Keith Urban
  Somewhere In My Heart D Marie Sørensen Somewhere In My Heart / Aztec Camera
Somewhere Tonight D / I Denis Henley Somewhere Tonight / James Otto
  Somewhere Tonight Music Playing D / I Gwen Walker  Somewhere Tonight / James Otto
  Somewhere With You I Scott Schrank & Junior Willis Somewhere With You / Kenny Chesney
  Sorry D / I Martin Ritchie Saying Sorry / The Borderers
  Sorry & Lonely I Teresa Lawrence & Vera Fisher Sorry /  Madonna 
  Soulmate Cha Cha I L. John-Grose & D.  Maynard Waiting All My Life / Rascal Flatts
Sound Of Freedom D Guy Dubé  Sound Of Freedom / Bob Sinclair
  South Coast Swing I / A Bill Bader & Marcie McLaurin  Knock Yourself Out / Lee Roy Parnell 
South Of Me D / I Stéphane Nadeau South Of Me / Robby Johnson
  South Of Miami D Micaela Svensson Erlandsson Holding Back The Ocean / Rockie Lynn
South Of Santa Fe D / I Nathalie Pelletier South Of Santa Fe / Brooks & Dunn
South Side Stomp D Chandonnet & Archambault South Side Stomp / Jenai
Southbound Train I / A M. & J. M. Villeneuve Southbound Train / Travis Tritt 
  Southern Delight I Rossella Corsi-Lord Levantando Los Manos / El simbolo
  Southern Man D Raelinn W. Dale  Small Town Southern Man / Alan Jackson
  Southern Streamline I Mack Apaapa Southern Streamline / John Fogerty
  Southern Voice D Gwen Walker  Southern Voice / Tim McGraw
  Southside Shuffle D Donna Aiken Mercury Blues / Alan Jackson
  Spanish Bible I Wil Bos & Roy Verdonk The Spanish Bible / Bellamy Brothers
  Spanish Fly I Debbie McLaughlin Spanish Fly / Eric Benet
Speak Softly I Ghislain Carbonneau Speak Softly / Gene Watson
Speak To The Devil D / I Brigitte Paquin Speak To The Devil / Kevin Fowler
Speak To The Sky D Guy Dubé Speak To The Sky / Brendon Walmsley
  Speak To The Sky D / I Keith Davis Speak To The Sky / Brendon Walmsley
  Speak With Your Heart I Peter Metelnick & Alison Biggs Don't Tell Me You're Not In Love / Collin Raye
  Special-D D Peter Metelnick Return To Sender / The Dean Brothers
  Special O Cajun D / I Gaye Teather Tear-Stained Letter / Patty Loveless
  Speedy Mambo D / I Rep Ghazali  Speedy Gonzalez / A.B. Quintanilla III & K. Kings
  Spend My Nights D / I Katja Østerby Sleep / Allen Stone
  Spend The Night I Vikki Morris Why Don’t You Spend The Night / Ray Dylan
Spirit In The Sky D / I Danny Leclerc Spirit In The Sky  / The Kentucky Headhunters
  Spoon Full Of Sugar I Amy Glass Stuck Like Glue /  Sugarland
  Spread Your Wings I Dan Albro Get to Me / Lady Antebellum
  Spring Breakdown I Dan Albro Spring Breakdown / Luke Bryan
  Spring Rain D Jo T. Szymanski, Michele Burton Latter Rain / Scooter Lee
  Springsteen I Gail Smith Springsteen / Eric Church
  Spur Of The Moment D Kelly Will You Win My Love / Shania Twain
  Squeeze Me In D / I Johnny Montana Squeeze Me In / Brooks & Yearwood
  Ssshhh! D Kelli Haugen Honey Hush / Scooter Lee
St-Tonneau D / I Guylaine Gagné Rain Is A Good Thing / Luke Bryan
  Stagger Lee D / I Bracken Potter Stagger Lee / Lloyd Price
  Stallion Battalion I Rep Ghazali Stallion Battalion / The Boss Hoss
  Stampede I John Haskell Stampede / Chris LeDoux
  Stand Back John D / I Gaye Teather That’s The Size I Wear / Toby Keith
  Stand By Me Cha I / A Masters In Line Stand By Me / Lemonice
  Stand By Us D / I Collectif étranger Stand By Me / Geeno Smith
Stand On It D / I Pierre Provencher Stand On It / Mel McDaniel
  Stand On It D / I Susanne Mose Nielsen Stand On It / Mel McDaniel
Standing D / I C. Lemay & M. P. Hélie Still Standing Tall / Brady Seals
Standing Tall I Marc Labrosse Still Standing Tall / Brady Seal
  Start A Band I Johann Olafsson Start A Band / Brad Paisley & Keith Urban
  Start A Band I Justine Brown Start A Band / Brad Paisley & Keith Urban
  Start To Sway D / I Sandra Le Brocq Sway / The Pussycat Dolls 
  Stars On The Water D / I Mike Belk Stars On The Water / George Strait
  Stay A Little Longer I Amy Christian Stay A Little Longer / Brothers Osborne
  Stay All Night D Jef Camps Stay All Night / Derek Ryan
Stay Out Of My Arms D / I Micheline Tremblay Stay Out Of My Arms / Georges Strait
  Staying In Love D / I Wil Bos Staying In Love / Gerardo & Jacky Pourchez & Pinchitos Caliente
  Stay, Stay, Stay ! D / I Niels Poulsen Stay Stay Stay / Taylor Swift
  Stealing The Best D Rosie Multary Dance Above The Rain.. / Ronan Hardiman
Steal Your Freedom I Bobby Houle Take Your Time / Sam Hunt
  Steam I Kevin Richards Steam / Ty Herndon 
  Step 2 Shine D / I Pat Esper Step / Moonshine Bandits & Sarah Ross
  Step Back D Bill Bader Angelyne  / The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band
Step Back Jack D / I Nathalie Émond Step Back Jack  / Keith Bryan
  Step Into The Light I Debbie Ellis All For You / Kate Ryan
  Step N Go D Pete Harkness Walkin' On Me / Big House
  Steppin' Out I Stephen Paterson Everybody Knows / The Dixie Chicks
  Stereo Love D / I Christa Klaasenbos Stereo Love / Edward Maya
Stereo Love I Guy Dubé & Nicolas Lachance Stereo Love / Edward Maya & Vika Jigulina  Radio Edit
  Stereo Love I Doriane Rosier Stereo Love ( Original Mix ) / Edward Maya & Vika Jigulina
  Stitches D / I Amy Glass Stitches / Shawn Mendes
  Stich It Up I / A Robbie McGowan Hickie Elvis Medley / The Deans
  Sticky Summer D Dan Albro Sticky Summer Lovin’ / Rachele Lynae
Still D / I C. Leblanc & L. Beaupré Still / Jason McCoy
Still In The Game D Guy Dubé & Stéphane Cormier Still In The Game / John Brannen
  Still Love Me Tomorrow I Rachael McEnaney Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow / Leslie Grace
  Still Water I Vivienne Scott Soy Como Un Nino / Chayanne 
Stomp D / I Suzie Hébert Stomp / Billy Ray Cyrus
Stompin' Ground D / I Serge Légaré Stompin' Ground / Tim Hicks
  Stomping It Out D Silke C. Henke Goin Through The.../ Mark Chesnutt
  Stone In The River D Ivonne Verhagen A Stone In The River / Texas Renegade
  Stone Love I Vikki Morris Stone Love / Ruthie Foster
  Stop & Drink I Robbie McGowan Hickie Stop & Drink / George Strait
  Stop And Drink D Jill Weiss Stop & Drink / George Strait
  Stop And Start D / I Patricia E. Stott  Start Change And Stop / Jive Aces
  Stop Crying D Cati Torrella I'm So Happy That I Can't Stop Crying / Toby Keith
  Stop It ! I Rob Fowler Stop It! I Like It! / Rick Guard
  Stop Showing Up I Tanja Enget Stop Showing.. / R. McAndre & Urban Cowboys
  Stop Staring At My Eyes ! D / I Raymond Sarlemijn & Niels Poulsen Boobs / The Bellamy Brothers
  Stories We Could Tell D / I Vivienne Scott Stories We Could Tell / The Mavericks
  Storm Warning D / I Rob Fowler Storm Warning / Hunter Hayes
Story D Kévin Michel The Story Of Us / Taylor Swiff   
Story Of Us D / I Christine Francoeur The Story Of Us / Taylor Swift 
  Story Of Us ( Next Chapter ) D Sophie Archimbaud-Bucaille Story Of Us / Taylor Swift

Straight And Narrow

D / I DJ Dan & Wynette Miller Straight and Narrow / Wild Rose 
  Straight Up Country I Norman Gifford Straight Up Country / Joel Warren & Jason Allen
  Straighten Up I Liz Clarke Straighten Up / Scooter Lee
  Streamlinin' I Chris & Richard Hodgson Southern Streamline / John Fogerty
  Streets Of Bakersfield D Marie Sørensen Streets of Bakersfield /  Billy Mack
Streets Of Bakersfield D / I Clide Normandin Streets Of Bakersfield / Dwight Yoakam & Buck Owens
  Streets Of Gold D / I Alison Biggs & Peter Metelnick Party In Heaven / Kentucky Headhunters & Johnnie Johnson
  Streets Of Mexico D / I Vivienne Scott Goodbye ( feat Islove ) (Radio Edit) / Glenn Morrison
  Street Walkin' D / I Glynn Rodgers Streets Of Bakersfield / Dwight Yoakam
Strike Out D / I Richard Boutet Swing / Trace Adkins
  Strip It Down I Rachael McEnaney-White Strip It Down / Luke Bryan
  Strokin' D Inconnu Stroken / Clarence Carter
Strong D / I Denis Henley Strong / Michelle Wright
  Strong Baby I Emily Woo, Raindrops & Queendy Lee Strong Baby / Big Bang
  Stronger I Gaye Teather Stronger / Chris James
  Strut Your Stuff D / I John & Janette Sandham Strut Your Stuff / Dave Sheriff
  Stuck In My Head I Saku Tonteri & Shane McKeever Stuck In My Head / Craig Wayne Boyd
Stuck Like Glue I Kevin Michel Stuck Like Glue / Sugarland
  Stuck On You I M. Gallagher & R. Fowler Stuck On You / Dean Brothers
  Stuff You Gotta Watch I Michele Perron Stuff You Gotta Watch / Levon Helm
Stumblin' In I Linda Sansoucy Stumblin' In / Markus Meier & Tania Kernaghan
  Stupid Cupid D Joanne Brady Stupid Cupid / Scooter Lee 
  Stupidville D / I Audrey Watson  Stupidville / Zippy Josh
  Styling I Parry Spence Where He Left Off / Rick Tippe
Suavemente D Linda LeBel Suavemente / Elvis Crespo
  Such A Fool D Niels Poulsen A Fool Such As I / Jason Donovan
  Suds In The Bucket I Yvonne Anderson Suds In The Bucket / Sara Evans
  Sue D / I Collectif Britanique Runaround Sue / Racey
  Sugar & Pai D / I Kelli Haugen Sugar And Pai / The Boots Band
  Sugar Candy D / I Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris Sugar Sugar / Inner Circle & Flo Rida
  Sugar Mama D / I Robbie McGowan Bring On The Teardrops / Boy Howdy
Sugar Talk I Michelle Chandonnet Sugar Talk / Adam Harvey
  Sugarland Express D / I Larry & Jody Carriger She Wants Drive My Car / Jim Wise
  Sulla Barca D / I Adrian Helliker  & Marie Sørensen Sulla Barca / Orchestra Mario Riccardi
  Summer Celebration D Ira Weisburd Celebrate Da Summertime / Pandera
  Summer Fly D / I Geoffrey Rothwell Summer Fly / Hayley Westenra
Summer Forever I Claude Martin Summer Forever / Billy Currington
  Summer In December D / I Rep Ghazali Summer In December / Modern Talking
  Summer Nights I Dan Albro Summer Nights / Rascal Flatts
Summer Thing D Linda Fortin Summer Thing / Troy Olsen
  Summertime Cha Cha I Max Perry In The Summertime / Mungo Jerry
  Summerzcool I Michael W. Diven  Summerzcool / Jimmy Buffett
Sun Daze I David Robert Sun Daze / Florida Georgia Line
Sun Don't Let Me Down I Nicolas Lachance & Stéphane Cormier Sun Don't Let Me Down  / Keith Urban & Pitbull
  Sun Of Jamaica D / I Tina Chen Sue-huei Sun Of Jamaica / Gombay Dance Band
  Sunbeam D / I Bruno Moggia  Sunbeam / Jack Country
  Sunday Break I Robbie McGowan Hickie & Ria Vos Closed On Sunday / Gwen Sebastian
  Sunday Funday D Dan Albro Sunday Funday / Jason Sturgeon
  Sundown Grooving D / I Mike & Ann Repko When The... / K. Chesney & Uncle Kracker 
  Sundown Waltz I Robbie McGowan Hickie Sundown In Nashville / Marty Stuart
Sunny Day D / I Linda Sansoucy Have You Ever Seen The Rain / CCR
  Sunny In Seattle I Andrew & Sheila Palmer & G. Teather Sunny In Seattle / Blake Shelton
  Sunny Life D / I Katie Carpenter That’s Where I Belong / Alan Jackson
  Sunrise And Tequila D / I dj Dan & Winnie Tequila Sunrise / Robert Allen
  Sunshine D Daniel Whittaker  Sunshine / Paul Bailey
  Sunshine & Summertime I Peter Metelnick Sunshine And Summertime / Faith Hill
Sunshine And Summertime I Linda Fortin Sunshine And Summertime / Faith Hill
  Sunshine Express D Knox Rhine Wild And Free / Rednex
  Sunshine In The Rain I Steven Mason & Claire Ball  Sunshine In The Rain / BWO
  Sunshine In The Rain D Ann Hjortsberg Sunshine In The Rain / Bodies Without Organs
  Sunshine Polka D / I Thomas C. Tam You Are My Sunshine Polka / Walter Ostanek
  SuperBitch I Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris Keeps Getting Better / Christina Aguilera
  Superstar I Mark Cosenza Superstar / Jamelia
  Superwoman I Francien Sittrop & Ryan Hunt Superwoman / Shontelle
  Sur La Route De Memphis D / I Bruno Morel  That's How I Got To Memphis / Deryl Dodd
  Sure Shot Shuffle D / I Robert C. Weaver Down To Your Last One More / Billy Dean
  Surfing In The Hurricane D Christine Bass  Surfing In A Hurricane / Jimmy Buffett
Surrender D Sylvie Dubé Surrender /George Canyon
Suspicious Minds I Linda Sansoucy Suspicious Minds / Die Campbell
  Suzanne Suzanne D / I DerRangers Suzanne, Suzanne / The Bellamy Brothers
  Swamp Thang I Max Perry Swamp Thing / The Grid
  Swangin' D Lisa M. Johns-Grose Swingin' / John Anderson & Colt Ford
  Sway With Me D Toni Poster Nothing But On The Radio / Gary Allan
  Sweet And Simple Lil Liza D Linda Nyholm Sweet Lil Liza / Major Dundee
  Sweet Baby D Jenifer Wolfe Oh Me, Oh My Sweet Baby / George Strait  
  Sweet Cafe D / I Pete Harkness Diesel Cafe / Bellamy Brothers
Sweet Chickita D / I Line Lacroix Senorita Mas Fina / Kevin Fowler
  Sweet Corrina D Sebastiaan Holtland Corrine, Corrina / Blackjack
  Sweet Delight D / I Dan Albro Sweet Delight / Dan Albro & Sons
  Sweet Georgia Brown D Lorraine Kurtela & Michele Burton Sweet Georgia Brown (Album version) / Trini Lopez
Sweet Gypsie Rose D Lynne Lefebvre Say Has.... Rose / Tony Orlando & Dawn
  Sweet Harmony I Ray Cartwright Sweet Harmony / The Beloved
  Sweet Heidi D Marie Sørensen Heidi / Kurt Darren

Sweet Home Alabama

I Bergeron, Provencher,  Cormier  Sweet Home Alabama / Lynard Skynard
  Sweet Lightning D Dan Albro Lightning / Olivia Lane
  Sweet Like Cola D / I Francien Sittrop Sweet Like Cola / Lou Bega
  Sweet Like Lemonade D / I Neville Fitzgerald & Julie Harris Lemonade / Adam Friedman & Mike Posner
  Sweet Lisa D / I L.D. Ducker Sweet Little Liza / Major Dundee
  Sweet Little Dangerous I Pete Harkness Sweet Little Dangerous / Heather Myles
  Sweet Little Dangerous I Kim Ray Sweet Little Dangerous / Heather Myles
  Sweet Little Girls I Double Trouble Cathy M Sweet Little L.. / Notorious Cherry Bombs
  Sweet Little Lisa I Rosalie Mackay

Sweet Little Lisa / The Cherry Bombs

  Sweet Little Something D / I Dan Albro Sweet Little Something / Jason Aldean
  Sweet Little Things D / I A. Palmer, Sheila Cox et Vivienne Scott Sweet Little Things / Bad Boys Blue
  Sweet Maria D / I Dave Ingram My Maria / Brooks & Dunn
  Sweet Maureen D / I Rafel Corbi Sweet Maureen / Jambalaya
  Sweet Nothing D Jane Thorpe Sweet Nothings / The Deans
  Sweet Rock And Roll D / I Craig Bennett B.G.M.O.S.R.N.R. / J D McPherson
Sweet Rowena D / I Denis Henley Sweet Rowena / Joe Banamassa & Vince Gill
  Sweet Senorita D / I Jan Wyllie Sweet Senorita / Chris James
  Sweet Shoe  I Larry Bass Sweet Little Shoe / Dan Seals
  Sweet Sweet Caroline D / I Linda Nyholm Sweet Caroline / DJ Otzi & The Bellamy Brothers
  Sweet Sweet Smile D / I Fi Scott & Johnny Two-Step Sweet Sweet Smile / Sharon B
  Sweet Talk I Madeleine Jones  Sweet Talk & Good Lies / Heather Myles 
  Sweet Talk & Good Lies D  Marie Sørensen Sweet Talk & Good Lies / Heather Myles
Sweet Thing D / I Guy Dubé Sweet Thing / Keith Urban
  Sweeter The Kiss I Dave Munro The Longer The Waiting / Josh Turner
  Swing Baby Swing D Nancy A.  Morgan Swing Baby / David Ball
  Swing ! Sweet Pussycat I / A Matt Oakley Swing ! Sweet Pussycat / Atomic Fireballs
  Swing Time D / I Niels Poulsen It's Chitlin' Time / Dancelife
  Swing Time Boogie I Scott Blevins Swing City / Roger Brown & Swing City
  Swing To The Radio I Séverine Fillion Swing To The Radio / Bart Crow
Swing Tucker D Linda Sansoucy Old Dan Tucker / Patrick Feeney
  Swingin' D / I Angeline Azibert Swingin / Leann Rimes
  Swingin' Doors I Dee Musk Swingin' Doors / Jill King
  Swingin' Sailor I Jo Thompson  Fresh Coat Of Paint / Lee Roy Parnell
  Swingin' The Line I Vikki Morris Swingin’ / Leann Rimes
  Swingin' Thing D Jo & Rita Thompson Honey Hush / Scooter Lee
  Swinging Jeans I N. A. Morgan & Pepper Siquieros Built For Blue Jeans / Tyler Dean 
  Swiss Country D / I Marcel Rohrer Swiss American Yodel / Bellamy Brothers & Oesch den Dritten
  Swolka I Gérard Murphy & Liz Clarke Itch / Jenny Kerr & Killer Band
  S.X.E I Rob Fowler Just A Little / Liberty X
  Symphony Shuffle D Esther D'Arpino  Down To My Last Teardrop / Tanya Tucker 
  Syncopated Love I Dan Albro When You Talk About Love / Patti Labelle
  Syncopated Rhythm D Diane Jackson   I Could Get Used To This Lovin Thing / Alan Jackson
  Syncopated Swing I Beverly Kerins That Girl's Been Spying On Me / Billy Dean 


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